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Keep us Safe this Fourth

Posted by Administrator on 7/1/2015 to Pet Threads News

Tips to keep your pet safe during Independence Day celebrations.

Play with your pets during the day so they are tuckered out when the festivities begin.

Keep your pets inside the house. Dogs can panic when outside when fireworks go off. They may look for a way to get outside the fence to try and hide.

Provide them a quiet room with windows closed. Be sure they have water. Give them something to distract them. For a dog, kong with treats in it.

If you plan on going to a fireworks display, leave your pets at home.  Too many people and loud fireworks is a dangerous combination.  Do not leave your pet in the car while you enjoy the display. Your pet can suffer heatstroke and can be even more frightened by the sounds and sights of the fireworks.

Should your pet escape out a door or gate, please be sure they have ID's tags on. You want to make it easy for them to be returned to you.

If your pets are afraid and hide, let them come out of hiding when they are ready.

Oils, candles, insect coils and other citronella-based repellants are irritating toxins to pets, according to the ASPCA. Inhalation can cause severe respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia. Ingestion can harm your pet’s nervous system.

Do not apply sunscreen or insect repellent on your pets unless those products are specifically created for pets.

Keep alcoholic drinks out of reach of pets.  Alcohol has the potential to poison pets.

I hope you have a safe and fun 4th.