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Minnow Pet Beds

Minnow Beds

This minnow bed is a smaller version of our flounder pet bed. We have minnows that are ready to ship and others that can be custom ordered and shipped in 2-4 weeks.

Minnow pet beds are a great decoration for your home and a comfortable bed for ferrets,  rats and other small pets. When the stress of everyday activities gets to your pet, let them relax in the soft comfort of a minnow pet bed. They will feel secure in this safe haven. Small enough to fit in many cages.

Minnow pet beds are made of fleece and foam. They are soft, warm and cozy. Minnows measure 12" long, 8" wide and 5" high. Very roomy for your ferret, guinea pig or other small pet. The liner can be pulled out for spot cleaning or to use a lint brush for fur removal or the whole bed can be machine washed. Minnows come with sewn on eyes. We have been making pet beds for some years. We have perfected the type of foam we use so the mouth stays open on its own. We do not use wire in the mouth to keep it open. The bed is soft for your pet, but the shell is firm to keep its shape. There is an inside seam where the head is attached to the body. Pet Threads offers many different fabric choices.